Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen -undkomma ansvar!

Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen- undkomma ansvar!

"Diagnoser är ett påfund som man uppfunnit för att kunna skylla problem och konflikter som sker ute i samhället på enstaka individer! Det är samhällets sätt att skjuta ifrån sig ansvaret på individer.

Istället för att samhället ska ta tag i mobbning och annan diskriminering så säger man att "det där var inte mobbning - det där var hans störning/diagnos!!!"

Sen finns det säkert scizofreni osv.. Men diagnoser som autism/asperger/autistiska drag eller ADHD ges ut alldeles för lättvindigt och godtyckligt idag.. Ofta för att stryka över problem och sopa samhällets ansvar under mattan."

söndag 19 november 2017

Warcraft: Total War: Official DEMO version - worked on heavily by me and others, and uploaded sep 1 even though this version is from early june!

Warcraft: Total War: Official Demo MOD for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms.

Warcraft: Total War: Official DEMO!

The official DEMO for Warcraft: Total War, dated back to late may/early june - it has all the models created or edited by Eoghan Wolfkin in use.
As the models for the Trolls, Elves, Dwarves and Ogres among others have been replaced already, i felt the need to release a version with these assets as they otherwise would go to waste. Also, the demo released previously was what we started out with in march - this DEMO is alot more polished and more worthy as an official demo of the mod.
Even though the campaign still isn't playable - but it's available for people to try out, has been turned into a WC3 setting, has all the starting generals & family members, have starting armies but no recruitment and many bugs are not solved - play campaign at your own risk. As for custom battles it has the complete human factions as of yet, the Dark Horde, the Horde, the complete Scourge roster, the old Quel'Thalas/Sin'Dorei and old Trolls.
- Most have or will be replaced, -the exception being the better looking units of the Humans, Scourge and Orcs of the Horde!

I took the time to polish the version from June 02 so that it became this DEMO-version, i fixed a few things with portraits and menu - and then i removed the Naga-faction because it's not something we would want to include in the demo. Also, it only had six units in the june 02-version.
Credits for the demo:

Eoghan Wolfkin - creation of all the new models but the new humans, which he finished but didn't create from scratch.
- New humans by Royal Jester (Bantu) (made a knight and Footman) - Eoghan turned those two models into the whole Theramore, Stormwind and Lordaeron rosters.

- Re-textures by WarcraftHero and Sulfurion - made re-textures of Eoghans Trolls, Horde and Elves, as well as retextures of Eoghans/Bantu's Humans - creating the rosters for the Scarlet Crusade, Kingdom of Stromgarde, the Dark Horde and the Fel Orcs of the Burning Legion, the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, the Sin'Dorei and the Troll factions of the Amani, Gurubashi and Farraki tribes.

- Scourge roster by Eoghan Wolfkin.

- Map and map-changes by TheHappyCrusader.

- Removal of all the vanilla units, implementation of all the new units (since the beta from april 22), writing of all the new unit descriptions, writing of all the new faction descriptions, adding of faction description portraits, adding of heroes to custom battle and the campaign, fixing of all the missing portraits issues, adding of all the starting armies, implementation of all the Myth Total War animations and new Sundering animations and more - Mr_Nygren.

- Writing of all the Quotes in the loading screens, creation of all the new family member portraits (some old ones by Eoghan), adding of all the new ten religions, adding of all the new family members and generals in the campaign, changing the campaign into a WC3 setting from the WC1-setting it was before, creation of all the new faction symbols and banners and more - Sulfurion.

- The fix of the Custom Locations.txt, fixing the custom battle issues with water battlefields - WarcraftHero.

- The new Siege Engines in use by all the factions - Undying Nephalim and Hyrule Total War for the Scourge and Troll ones, and Warhammer BotET/Call of Warhammer/The Sundering for the Warhammer ones in use by the Dwarves and Humans.
- A special thank you to the teams of Warhammer BotET for their permission to use assets from their mod - such as the siege engines mentioned before, unit models as basemodels for some of Eoghans models, stratmodels for the Dwarves, Orcs, Iron Dwarves and High Elves - plus certain animations.

Hyrule Total War and Undying Nephalim, for his permission to use HTW assets - such as the aforementioned siege engines and strat-models in use by the Scourge.

Intro-video/background video put together and implemented by Mr_Nygren, using parts of official WC3 cutscenes by Blizzard.
Myth Total war - for the permission to use all it's animations which are all included, but only like one is in use by the Zombies.
Elder Scrolls: Total War - for the base-model used when Eoghan created the Undead Soldiers-units of the Scourge.
"The "Warcraft" logo, the characters, races, places, names, story and background are Blizzard property, the mod is in no way tied with the company, this mod is only a free fan-made project with no profit involved.
The "Warcraft: Total War: Official DEMO" is not an attempt at a "World of Warcraft: Total War", - it is an attempt for a demo of a Warcraft Three (Third War) Total War."

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