Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen -undkomma ansvar!

Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen- undkomma ansvar!

"Diagnoser är ett påfund som man uppfunnit för att kunna skylla problem och konflikter som sker ute i samhället på enstaka individer! Det är samhällets sätt att skjuta ifrån sig ansvaret på individer.

Istället för att samhället ska ta tag i mobbning och annan diskriminering så säger man att "det där var inte mobbning - det där var hans störning/diagnos!!!"

Sen finns det säkert scizofreni osv.. Men diagnoser som autism/asperger/autistiska drag eller ADHD ges ut alldeles för lättvindigt och godtyckligt idag.. Ofta för att stryka över problem och sopa samhällets ansvar under mattan."

lördag 30 april 2016

Marvel VS DC-Universe MUGEN! (2016, biggest roster ever assembled) (Posted on Facebook and MOD-DB april the 7th).

I have assembled quite a huge roster of DC-universe and Marvel-universe characters, songs and stages. In this version, you will need to win two fights to win a fight. 

New Characters:

Added characters, from the original 252 characters in the game (present in Superheroes 2000 V4.3, the mod of wich i modified before replacing the screenpack with my own- to not irritate that mods creator), to 304 characters in the game, and 413 characters in the char-folder. I have not only added characters, but also replaced some characters with other better versions of these characters- or with completely new ones. The best characters are already in-game, and the lesser characters are not.

New Stages:

Added stages, from the original 92 stages, to 112 stages in this new version.

New music:

Added music, from the original 92 songs, to like 108 songs or something like that.

I take no credit for creating any character, stage or song.

But i have been working with this mod alot.

Last summer i made my own version of the Superheroes2000 V4.1 game. A new version called Superheroes2000 v4.3 was released in february this year. I decided i wanted to update my mod onto the new version instead of the old one. So i spent the evening adding everything to the v 4.3 version.

Here are some videos of the old version from last summer, -everything that you see in these videos and more are in this new version, but with a new screenpack:





SUPERMAN/SUPERGIRL characters & stages Part 1 of 1: 

AVENGERS characters & stages part 1 of 2: 

AVENGERS characters & stages part 2 of 2: 

JUSTICE LEAGUE characters & stages part 1 of 2: 


JUSTICE LEAGUE characters & stages part 2 of 2: 

However, i managed to find a cool screenpack while modifying the game, and started building my own mod using the new screenpack, used in this upload. Unfortunately all characters were placed without any order, and so i had to re-mod everything again to relocate the Marvel and DC-chars on different sides. The DC characters will be up, and the Marvel characters will be down the selection screen. I also spent alot of time finding new characters, stages and music. This is a standalone mod, but with material taken from the net. The characters, stages and songs are free for use and do not violate anothers property. But of course the creator of Superheroes2000 V 4.3 could get annoyed if someone posted a new version of his mod. That's why i replaced his screenpack with my own. That means i have added everything in the game from the beginning and up. All the new stuff wasn't in that mod. It's 52 new characters in-game, 20 new stages and 20 or so new songs. And then i ain't counting everyone that i replaced in the old roster before changing the screenpack.
Video of this new version of my mod (the one you will download): 

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