Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen -undkomma ansvar!

Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen- undkomma ansvar!

"Diagnoser är ett påfund som man uppfunnit för att kunna skylla problem och konflikter som sker ute i samhället på enstaka individer! Det är samhällets sätt att skjuta ifrån sig ansvaret på individer.

Istället för att samhället ska ta tag i mobbning och annan diskriminering så säger man att "det där var inte mobbning - det där var hans störning/diagnos!!!"

Sen finns det säkert scizofreni osv.. Men diagnoser som autism/asperger/autistiska drag eller ADHD ges ut alldeles för lättvindigt och godtyckligt idag.. Ofta för att stryka över problem och sopa samhällets ansvar under mattan."

onsdag 20 april 2016

Adoption and foster-care ain't the same thing, as many racists believe it to be!!!

Picture of me taken in august 2015, i am an adopted person.

The following text is a comment on this article:

Adoption and foster-care ain't the same thing, as many racists believe it to be!!!

It may start in the same way more or less, with a child being unwanted by his or hers biological parents, alternatively by the child being adopted or taken into foster care because of the parents death, the parents being broke, the parents being overruled in court as un-capable to be parents and so on.

But regardless of the reason behind the placement in foster-care- or adoption, the two things are completely different matters!

For one, the caretakers in foster-care families are often paid to take care of the child, it's their job and they are doing it for money only -they don't regard the child as their real child and they treat the child differently and discriminately contrary to how they treat their biological children.

In adoption however, the children are often adopted because the adoptive parents can't get biological children of their own. So the children aren't unwanted like in foster-care, they are very much wanted by the adoptive parents! The adoptive parents doesn't get paid to take care of the adoptive children, it's not their JOB, it's their responsibility as they would do their biological kids. The adoptive parents don't discriminate in many cases, and often treats their adoptive child the best way they can- unlike in foster-care where the parents treat the kids in the worst possible way, because they are doing it not as their parents, but as their caretakers for money..

So, it's completely wrong by strangers to adoption and adoptive families to presume that adoptive families have the same relation as the foster-care families. They DON'T, we are treated the same as everyone else- we are not discriminated by our parents!

But of course there is exceptions when a sadistic fuck has been OK:d as an adoptive parent. Then the child can be treatet even worse than they are treated in foster care. But i like to think that most adoptive families are like any other family in the neighborhood. That's how mine was, and most others i am sure.

The problem is that for one, the citizens outside of the family have prejudice and stuff, and two, if there are any conflicts (as could happen in any normal ordinary heterosexual ethnically homogeneous family build) the other people around the adoptive family will think that it's something wrong with the adoptive family -because it is an adoptive family, or that it's something wrong with the adoptive children. Their prejudice destroys families and racism is also a stong factor in this, as the people around the adoptive family are often racist fucks as fast as a conflict may have occured. It's a very fast paced process of blaming the one that's different in some way, and that's the child/teenager or adult with dark skin colour- or the family wich is not an etnically homogeneous family.

Adoptive parents want what's best for their kids in many cases, unlike fosterparents who wants to earn money -and treats the children as animals or wares! It's a big problem that authorities seem to think adoptive parents do the same, they don't.. At least not in most cases.. They actually spoil us too much.. That's my reality at least.

Unfortunately adoptive parents can react in the wrong way when an adoptive child is being bullied or depressed. They are blind to the racism in the society, and think that they may have done something wrong. But they don't wanna accept that as an explanation- so they ask "experts" in society to "investigate" their children for other possible causes to the childrens depressions or problems with bullying.

In fact this is a huge mistake, as the ones investigating are often the biggest racists you can possibly find, in psychiatry and in the social authorities. They will then say to the parents that the children are mentally ill and stuff like that. Doesn't bode very well for the childrens future when they get branded with autism and shit. The surrounding believes the children have had a hard upbringing like the ones in foster-care, and that's true in some cases- but in most cases it's WRONG. The childhood was mostly good, but because of racism and bullying, problems can happen -and the fucking cunts in psychiatry then blames everything on the adoptive children who they think have lived a hard life at the hands of their adoptive parents since childhood, they couldn't be more wrong about that..

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